Investor Relations (ir) & Public Relations (pr)

Please contact Centerra Consulting to discuss your business needs. Our goal is to learn how you envision success and then draw upon our experience to execute and get you there. We look forward to working with you soon!

​A key component in your total valuation within the marketplace is providing accurate, consistent themes regarding your company’s performance as well as future growth strategies to existing and future investors. Centerra can help you develop and market your key messages and build strategic relationships with the investment community, including current and potential investors, sell side analysts, institutional portfolio managers, investment funds, and others.

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Investor Relations (IR) and Public Relations (PR)

We can help you communicate your corporate news and financial performance, including:

  • IR Presentations

  • Earnings Call Scripts and PR

  • Pre-recorded Earnings Call Process

  • Consensus Management

  • Road Shows and Bus Tours

  • Investor Day Programs

  • Equity and Debt Offerings

  • Annual Reports

  • Annual Shareholder Meetings

  • IR Website

  • Crisis Communications